Simply stated, my goal as a teacher is to:  

"Develop musical expression, imagination, and appreciation through the study of piano".

  • As a teacher, I desire to cultivate a lifelong love of music in each of my students.  Giving them a solid musical foundation by teaching: scales, theory, music history, music appreciation, and proper performance etiquette.
  • I believe that each student has different learning styles, strengths, and ambitions.  My goal as their teacher is to embrace their individual styles and to nurture their strengths, so they can become the best pianist and musician possible.  Since anyone can learn to "play" the piano I also work to develop a strong sense of musicality in the student’s playing.
  • I am convinced that students learn and progress best when they like the music they are playing, enjoy their lessons, and have consistent and adequate time to practice at home.  As their teacher, I will work with both the parents and student to find music genres that will motivate their practice and enhance their learning. Practice requirements will be discussed at the first lesson and then on an "as needed" basis thereafter.
  • Parents are always welcome to sit in and observe lessons.   Parental encouragement and praise is often a great motivation for the student.  Therefore, I encourage parents to be as involved in the learning process as possible, both at the lesson and at home.  I welcome parental feedback and communication.
  • Recitals and performances are an important element of a student's piano studies.  These provide an opportunity for the students to share their gifts and talents with the audience and interact with other students. While I do not require students to perform, I strongly encourage their participation.  I do not require the students to play from memory for any performance.